Semalt: Different Methods To Scrape An Entire Website

These days, web scraping can either done manually or with the help of web scraping programs. Web scraping tools fetch and download your pages for viewing, and then extract the highlighted data without compromising on quality. If you are looking to scrape an entire website, you must adopt some strategies and take care of the content quality.

Manual scraping: Copy-paste method:

The first and most famous method to scrape an entire website is manual scraping. You would have to copy and paste a web content manually and classify it into different categories. This method is used by non-programmers, webmasters and freelancers to obtain data and steal web content within a few minutes. Usually, hackers implement this strategy and use a variety of bots to scrape an entire site or blog manually.

Automated scraping methods:

HTML Parsing:

HTML parsing is done with JavaScript and targets the linear and nested HTML pages. It helps you scrape an entire site within two hours. It is one of the fastest and most accurate texts or data extraction methods that allows scraping both basic and complex sites entirely.

DOM Parsing:

DOM or Document Object Model is another effective method to scrape an entire website. It usually deals with XML files and is used by programmers who want to get in-depth views of their structured data. You can use DOM parsers to get nodes containing useful information. XPath is a powerful DOM parser that scrapes the entire website for you and can be integrated with the full-fledged web browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla. The websites scraped with this method should contain dynamic content for desired results.

Vertical Aggregation:

Vertical aggregation is preferred by big brands and IT companies. This method is used to target specific websites and blogs and harvests data, storing it in the cloud. Creation and monitoring of data for specific verticals can be done with this cool method. So you don't need to worry about the quality of the scraped data as it is always superb!


XPath or XML Path Language is the query language that scrapes data both from your XML documents and complicated websites. As the XML documents are complicated to deal with, XPath is the only way to extract data and maintain its quality. You can use this technique in conjunction with DOM parsing and extract data from both blogs and travel websites.

Google Docs:

You can use Google Docs as a powerful scraping tool and extract data from entire websites. It is famous among professionals and website owners. This method is useful for those who are looking to scrape the entire site or a few pages within seconds. You may or may not use the Data Pattern option to check the quality of your scraped data.

Text Pattern Matching:

It is a regular expression-matching method that can extract entire websites in Python and Perl. This method is famous among programmers and developers and helps scrape information from complex blogs and news outlets.

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